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To Report a lost or stolen ATM/Debit Card call 1.888.241.2510
Overseas:  909.941.1398 (collect/outside the US)

CPCU'S Visa Debit Card


Dime Every Time!  Get Paid to use your CPCU Debit Card! 

Hit Credit Not Debit and Sign for Your Dime!  Members who ask for "Credit" and Sign for their purchases instead of keying in a "PIN" for their CPCU Debit Card purchases now earn a dime for each transaction over 12 per month.  Dime Every Time is a new rewards program exclusive to Carolina Postal Credit Union.  Here's how it works:

  • Starting with your 13th Signature Transaction every month, you earn a dime every time you sign!
  • Your earned money will be automatically deposited into your CPCU checking account at the end of each  month.
  • No fee, no registration required, No Kidding!

Get rewarded for what you are already doing - making everyday purchases at the grocery store, gas station or shopping!  Just make sure you are doing the following:

  • Always choose "Credit", not debit!
  • Tell the cashier you want to pay with "Credit"
  • SIGN your transactions, do not PIN!

Please note:  You must complete 12 signature debit transactions every month to qualify for the Dime Every Time.  Any time you key in your PIN it will not count towards the Dime every Time program.  The 25th of the month is the cut-off day for qualifying transactions for that month.  Transactions made after the 25th will carry over into the next month and count towards that month's totals.

And it's that simple!  Just Sign for your Dime!  Only at Carolina Postal Credit Union!

CPCU'S Visa Debit Card

Use your CPCU Visa Debit Card when making everyday purchases at the store, gas station and everywhere Visa is accepted – it's better protected and more convenient than writing a check. Your CPCU Visa Debit Card is accepted at more than 10 million ATMs, restaurants, grocery stores and other locations throughout the world.

  • The CPCU Visa Debit Card is free with your CPCU Checking Account.
  • Paper just can't compete with the convenience and security of using plastic.
  • You can write a check, but checks don't offer the fraud protection of a Visa debit card.

Using a CPCU Visa Debit Card to pay for everyday purchases is much smarter and safer than writing a check any day of the week. It's convenient, secure and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Just like checks, funds are debited from your checking account. 

An added benefit - avoid those expensive ATM surcharges and use your CPCU Visa Debit Card to withdraw cash from your account when you are making a purchase at a retail store, grocery store or drugstore.  Simply hit the "cash-back" feature on the card swipe machine and chose the amount that you would like.  It's that easy!

Be Aware! We advise you to use your CPCU Visa Credit Card for hotels, rental cars and airline ticket purchases, as the hold placed on your Debit Card by these companies can be large, extensive and could cause overdraft fees.  For further explanation, please contact a CPCU Account Manager.

Visa International Service Assessment Fee DISCLOSURE

To Report a lost or stolen ATM/Debit Card call 1.888.241.2510

When using your CPCU Visa Check Card, push the “CREDIT” key for additional security & protection!

When you swipe your CPCU Visa Check Card at the checkout line, you are usually given two options: to press the Debit key or the Credit key.   When you push the CREDIT key, your purchase will still be taken from your CPCU Checking Account and you sign a receipt.  But if you send the purchase through as a “CREDIT” transaction instead of a “Debit” or PIN transaction, you will receive some additional benefits.  Look at the comparison below:

Choosing “Credit” and Signing your Name for Purchases Choosing “Debit” and using your PIN

With signature-based purchases, funds are not withdrawn immediately, but are put on "hold" in your checking account to post to your account in 1 to 3 days*.  In case of a dispute you are protected under VISA “charge-back rights.” 

*NOTE: These funds will not be available for other purchases after the hold is placed.

Money is immediately withdrawn from your checking account; however you do NOT have additional protection in case of a “merchant dispute”.  

For example, if the merchant has rung up your purchases incorrectly – you may not be able to get your money credited back to your account.

Detailed record-keeping; merchant's name listed on statement. No indication of merchant on statement:  just Point-of-Sale address.

More secure.  Just sign receipt. In some instances the signature requirement is waived
(like at gas pumps or fast food restaurants)

Must remember and enter PIN –
in plain view of other customers. 
NEVER write your PIN on your Debit CARD!

Protects you under Visa USA fraudulent alerts and Zero Liability protection.

More difficult to quickly identify fraud.

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