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Attention USPS New Information SPRING 2015! 

Your Priority Payday payroll deposit will be in your CPCU checking account Wednesday mornings as usual, but any questions about your Payroll cannot be answered by USPS until that Postal Payday Friday. ‪#‎MembershipMattersCPCU

Priority PayDay Checking
only at Carolina Postal Credit Union

How would you like payday to come early? If you are a United States Postal Service Employee and have your paycheck Direct Deposited to your CPCU checking account then you get paid BEFORE Postal Payday on Fridays! We know that Friday can be your busiest and most stressful day at the Postal Service and in order to assist our USPS members with handling their busy lives, CPCU now offers Priority Payday Checking

Already a member? Just call us! We can assist you with opening your checking account quickly. Or open thru the Mail or ONLINE (click on "secondary account").

Not yet a member? CLICK, COME BY, or CONTACT US to open your share account ($25.00) and then your Priority Payday Checking AccountYou must be an USPS employee with Direct Deposit to receive this benefit. You may also go to our Online Forms & Applications page and choose to join online or through the USPS mail.  Some restrictions may apply.

Priority Payday checking is only available to active USPS employees.

CPCU Checking - HELLO!  IT'S FREE!

Not a USPS employee?  Not a Problem! CPCU has the best Checking Account for all!  Not only is it FREE, CPCU also pays balance dividends AND offers cash-back rewards on your Visa Debit Card!  Look what else we offer:

  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly service charge
  • No per check charge
  • Paid dividends on average daily balance
  • Duplicate checks for easy record keeping
  • FREE ATM/Debit Card
  • Unlimited Debit Card transactions (check out our Debit Card Rewards!)
Join CPCU and Open Your Checking Account ONLINE today!  Already a Member?  Call Us!  Or go ONLINE

Member Privilege provides additional Checking Account Coverage and protects you from "bouncing" a check or your Debit Card purchase being declined.

Click here for the Member Privilege Form to Opt-In for Additional Protection on your CPCU Checking Account

  • The Member Privilege Form includes important disclosures.  
  • Please Read the form and disclosures carefully.  Print out, fill out, and sign.
  • Return the MP Form to any CPCU branch by mail, fax or in person.
  • Scoll down for more information on the Member Privilege protection plan.

Click here for the form to Opt In for Member Privilege - additional Checking Account protection.

Why Opt-In?
Carolina Postal Credit Union's Member Privilege is designed for your protection and convenience. The majority of our members do not overdraw their accounts and incur fees, however, overdrafts can occur. Without Member Privilege, every day debit card transactions & ATM withdrawals may be declined if you attempt to make a purchase without sufficient funds in your CPCU account.

What other options do I have?
We encourage all members to set up regular payroll allotments/deductions to build an emergency 'nest egg' in their share account to cover unexpected expenses. Another option would be to apply for and open a CPCU overdraft line-of-credit to cover purchases.

Please contact us if you would like more information on additional choices you can make to protect your debit card purchases through your CPCU checking account.

How do I Opt-In?
Members may contact us at any CPCU branch or click here for the form.  Once you "Opt-In" for this coverage you may rescind at any time. Just contact us or click here for the form, print, sign and return the Opt-In form to any CPCU branch.

Why Opt In and what is Member Privilege?  Federal lawmakers created new rules for overdraft protection programs that went into effect July 1, 2010. As a result you must "opt in" or agree in writing to continue or start coverage through our overdraft protection program: Member Privilege.

Once you have signed & returned the form (opt in) CPCU's Member Privilege covers everyday debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals and fees are incurred with each overdraft. Please note that this federal regulation only applies to every-day debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals. The federal regulation for Opting In does NOT apply to Member Privilege coverage of written checks and recurring debit transactions such as health club memberships, utility bills, etc.


Need Check Copies?  New Format as of 2/4/08:

If you need a copy of a check that cleared BEFORE February 4th, 2008, you will need to contact an Account Manager at 1.800.865.0445.  Due to Check 21 Federal regulations, check copies will no longer be available online in a "gray-scale" but pure black & white copies.  Due to the format changes for the new black & white copies, older versions of cleared checks will need to be ordered through us.













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