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ZIP 24 -

To access ZIP24 call your local branch number OR the ZIP24 LINE 800-865-0445 option 4 anytime, anywhere.

With a Phone and a Personal Identification Number (PIN), your CPCU account information is never more than a telephone call away with ZIP24.  It's a convenient and easy way to handle your finances at home, work or while traveling.  ZIP24  provides you with secure access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Even better, ZIP24 is FREE. Best of all ZIP24 is safe and confidential:

  • Only you have access to your password/PIN,
  • Transactions can be made only between your own accounts,
  • Transfers can't be made to someone else's account.

You may also access ZIP24 thru your local branch phone number - just listen to the menu for the number to press to access ZIP24.

UDPATE!  Zip 24 is now Voice-Activated!

With our new upgrade you can use voice commands instead of pressing buttons to get your CPCU account information through your phone.  (If you prefer to continue to use your fingers that's ok too!)

IMPORTANT: If you prefer to continue to press your commands there has been a slight change in the menu codes. Please listen carefully when you call in. The new codes are listed below.

Call your local branch number to access ZIP24 OR the ZIP24 LINE 800-865-0445 option 4
anytime, anywhere.


Assistance Menu

  0  Member Service
  Repeat Menu
 * Previous Menu

Press # after Member Number and Member PIN to speed up access!!!

1. Account Balance

Choose Account Type:
  1. Checking
  2. Savings
  3. CD/IRAs


  1. Available Balance
  2. Last Deposit
  3. Date of Last Deposit

2. Account History

Choose Account Type:

  1. Checking
  2. Savings
  3. CD/IRAs


  1. Last 5 transactions
  2. Check Number (for checks cleared)
  3. Date
  4. Amount
  5. ATM Transactions
  6. Withdrawals
  7. Deposits

3. Funds Transfer Activities

1.    Transfer Funds
2.    Hear Existing Scheduled Transfers
3.    Delete a Scheduled Transfer

4. Share Withdrawals

5. ATM and Debit Card Management (press 1 for Card Services)

1.    Activate a card
2.    Deactivate a card OR REPORT A CARD LOST OR STOLEN
3.    Reorder a current card (*Please Call Credit Union for a NEW card)

6. Make a payment

1.    Loans

7. Additional Options

1.    Stop a payment
2.    Change Zip24 PIN

8. Future Dated Transactions (ACH deposits that have not been posted to your account yet)

Account Balance Options
-Available Balance
-Amount of Last Deposit
-Date of Last Deposit
-Prior YTD Dividends


-Available Balance
-Interest Rate
-Maturity Date
-Last Dividend Amnt
-YTD Dividends
-Prior YTD Dividends

Savings Club Accounts
-Available Balance
-Amount of Last Deposit
-Date of Last Deposit
-Maturity Date
-Prior YTD Dividends

Loan Accounts

-Available Balance
-Next Payment Date
-Next Payment Amnt
-Last Payment Date
-Last Payment Amnt
-Maturity Date
-Past Due Amnt
-Payoff Amnt

Charlotte (704) 392-3418 - Winston-Salem (336) 723-1024

Hickory (828) 328-4529 - High Point (336) 882-3926 - Greensboro (336) 292-8340 

ZIP24 Toll Free Number 1 877 280 4724

Toll Free Main Branch Telephone Number (800) 865-0445


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